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Parkinson's Disease
What Does the Future Hold for Parkinson's Disease?
What is Parkinson's Disease?
What Causes Parkinson's Disease?
What are the Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease?
How is Parkinson's Disease Detected?
How Can Parkinson's Disease be Prevented?
What is the Prognosis for Parkinson's Disease?
What Does the Future Hold for Parkinson's Disease?
How Can I Help?

Will We Find a Cure for Parkinsons?

What is the Social Impact of Research?

Researchers are hard at work looking for treatments and cures for Parkinson's.

Individuals with Parkinson's disease do have a hope for the future. New research has led scientists to believe that a cure is in the foreseeable future. There is also a social impact from this research. With new advances in Parkinson's diseases research, those suffering from the disease have a hope for the future.

Researchers all agree that we have never been closer to unlocking the mysteries of Parkinson's disease and finding a cure. Promising research has come in many fields. Researchers are investigating the structure and function of proteins involved in cell death and degeneration. They are taking advantage of new technologies like PET scans in their research. They are also testing new treatments for the disease. A new dopamine antagonist that can be worn as a patch is at the trial stage of its development. Another treatment called deep brain stimulation has shown encouraging results. Fetal tissue transplantation demonstrated successful replacement of dopamine nerve cells. The difficulty of finding a cure however is evident. As of yet there is no cure for any major neurodegenerative diseases. Parkinson's disease could however lead the way to helping people with devastating disorders that damage and destroy cells in the nervous system. Dopamine biology is critical not only for Parkinson's, but for other disorders such as dystonia and Tourettes. If a cure were found for Parkinson's disease the same information would likely produce much needed information for other diseases of the brain. According to the Parkinson Society Canada "Canadian research into the cause and cure of Parkinsons has contributed to remarkable discoveries, and some researchers are confident that a cure is mere decades away."

There is a social impact that results from this research. Research often leads to knowledge. New discoveries in the medical field are being made every day. Parkinson's disease sufferers are confident that this research will lead to better treatments and a cure for the disease. Parkinson's disease research is a rapidly advancing field and medical staff are convinced research will lead to a cure in the new future. In the meantime, research continues to have an impact upon society. Countless lives have been saved by new technologies like deep brain stimulation. Research provides a hope for the future for all of society. There is a social impact that results from research.

Individuals with Parkinson's disease and society as a whole have a hope for the future. A cure for Parkinson's disease is most likely in the foreseeable future. New research continues to have a positive impact upon society. There is a future for those with Parkinson's disease.

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